NHS Covid-19 Check in

The next time you visit the Museum you will see this poster displaying our unique QR code for the NHS Track and... Read more >

Reopening 7th September

We are delighted to announce that we are reopening on Monday 7th September. Our new opening times will be:... Read more >

Reopening the Museum and Visitor Information Point

Preparations for reopening the Museum and Visitor Information Point We are really keen to welcome our visitors... Read more >

Covid Collection

The Museum of Dartmoor Life wants your story to help capture history as it happens. Click here to be part of it... Read more >

Behind the Scenes

Although the museum is currently closed we are working behind the scenes on various projects which we look forward... Read more >

Intouch Oke

We are pleased to be one of the places around the town holding the 'Intouch Oke' folders of information about all... Read more >

New exhibition opens

In collaboration with the Devon and Cornwall Police Heritage Collection our new exhibition 'Women in Policing on... Read more >

Early closing Friday 12 July

Throughout the year we undertake additional volunteer training, we will be holding a session on Friday 12 July so... Read more >

Accounting for Volunteering

The Museum of Dartmoor Life has received a much-needed makeover thanks to staff from the Okehampton office of... Read more >

Okehampton Town Council provides funding

Okehampton Town Council councillors have kindly agreed to continue with their annual grant which helps to  fund... Read more >