Our Collections

Top Floor
The top floor gallery focuses on prehistoric Dartmoor through to the early 20th Century.

Find out what a Bronze Age hut would have looked like.

Take a look at the Bronze Age tools.

See how the people of Dartmoor lived at the turn of the last century from their kitchens, to bathing and laundry.

Take a step into the social history of the early 20th century, including entertainment and crafts.

An early fire engine completes the journey.

Middle Floor
The middle gallery takes the visitor through the industries that have shaped how Dartmoor looks today.

Understand more about the geology of Dartmoor and how it provided such fantastic resources to be mined and quarried.

Take a look at the earliest military use of the moor and why it still plays such a large role in military training today.

Learn about the wool industry on Dartmoor.

Discover how transport across Dartmoor has changed.

Ground Floor
The ground floor gallery explores the seasonal changes on Dartmoor and how the weather affects the industries and people who are based there.

Take a look at farming on Dartmoor from the 1800s to the mid-20th century.

Explore cider making and harvesting.

Take a look at the agricultural vehicles and machines that revolutionised farming.

Step through the ancilliary industries that were just as important such as blacksmithing.