Image of Leofric Missal : Bodleian Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Vol 1 pg 109 History of Okehampton by EHY. 1931 and J Goffey 2021)

Translated from the Anglo-Saxon

From a List of Manumissions inscribed 0n the 8 Leaf of Leofric’s Missal or Sacramentorium  (MSS Bodleian No. 579 )

Leofric was the last Bishop of Crediton and the first of Exeter. The Missal belonged to him and he presented it to Exeter Cathedral. The date is circa. 970  as Ordgar died in 971.

So far, the mention below is the earliest Okehampton (Ocmundtune is Saxon ) is named.

It was the custom to liberate slaves at four cross ways, so indicating they could go anywhere they wished. Service was held by priests and the day selected was one of the Church Festivals

Folio.8a. Freed Hunn at Oc mund tune, on Midsummer mass even(ing), on four ways (names worn and illegible) . Witness: Brown, mass priest and all the priests.

Folio 8b.  These are the men’s names who were freed for Ordgar at  Bradstone when he lay sick. That is Cynric from Liwton and Godchild of Lamburn and Leofric  of Werrington, Dola Wine’s son and Eadsig of Churchford and Aelfgyth of Buckland and Smala of Oc mund  tune  and Wifman of Bradstone and Byrhflaed of Trematon and Aelflaed of Clymestune   (Stoke Climsland).  On witness of Wynstan the mass priest and of Wulfric at Lamburn and of all the priests of the convent there  and Aelfgyth of Werrington .  And therefor is witness Cynsic the priest and Goda the priest who wrote this. This was done at Boasley for Ordgar.

The Missal is a stout quarto volume of 378 leaves of vellum. Probably the third portion ( c) belonged to Tavistock Abbey and was conveyed to Crediton by Lyfing the Abbot of Tavistock when he was created Bishop of Crediton.