Key Stage 2

Natural landscapes and local architecture
Explore the meadows and moorland of Dartmoor and take a closer look at the local architecture. Opportunities for cross-curricular working from science to art. Focus on transportation: how has Dartmoor been affected by transport changes in and around it?

Stone Age to Bronze Age
Life in a Bronze Age hut: experience how it would have felt and look at the tools and pottery used.

Rocks and soils
Take a look for yourself at some of the rocks and minerals found on the moor and ask how  they were extracted. What does the inside of a mine look like? What does a miner look like? Investigate the geology and how the landscape has changed.

Leisure in the 20th century
How did the people of Dartmoor entertain themselves? What local traditions still exist? Have you seen a squeeze box or tried step dancing? What hobbies and crafts have Dartmoor people practised over the years?