Covid Collection

Sunrise on Dartmoor


The last year has been a time of unprecedented changes to the lives of all people. Unthinkable alterations occurred in a matter of weeks which affected every single person – some lives dramatically and some hardly at all.
The Museum of Dartmoor Life wants your story to help capture history as it happens.

Future historians will want real life stories and photographs to illustrate the statistics and data of these momentous times. Help us capture the people’s story here on Dartmoor.
It is vital to collect our feelings, thoughts and experiences now, in the heat of creation, not in the coolness of reflection. They will form part of our collection to tell the story, as it happens to you, your community and the local world in which we live.

All data and submissions received will form part of an historical record which will be held at the Museum of Dartmoor Life and potentially The Devon Record Office. No information will be sold to third parties and will be treated in accordance with the museum’s privacy and data protection policies.

Material can be in any format: photograph, video, audio recording, letter, diary, or any other medium of artistic interpretation and should include information about the item such as what it is, where or who it came from and a date and place. Ideally, we would welcome as much background information as possible such as:

‘My job has changed so much because of covid 19. We now have to…;

‘We had a street party under social isolating conditions and here is the invite written by …. aged xxx;’

‘This is a video recording from a relative in a care home after 12 weeks with no visitors;’

Or indeed anything else. Be it the natural world, shopping, feelings or work – it is all valuable in capturing life as it is lived. Also memorials to those who lost their fight against this dreadful virus.

All submissions should be submitted with the participants; full name, age or date of birth and a way of contacting them, preferably an email address.

Stories and submissions should be made to or The
Museum of Dartmoor Life, West Street, Okehampton, EX20 1HQ.

We look forward to hearing from you – please send things as they happen – a weekly journal, a rant, a picture or anything else, don’t wait – let us have it.