Model 25D Tractor

This model 25D tractor was manufactured and produced in Huddersfield in 1946 by David Brown Tractors. Boasting an impressive 25 horsepower, a four-cylinder engine and 6 speed gear box, this tractor was one of the many important contributions from DB Tractors towards the advancements of agricultural technology, greatly helping Britain recover from the food crisis during World War Two.

This tractor was donated by Lower Yead-berry Farm in Tiverton. With it’s bright red colour, the ‘David Brown Cropmaster’, is often referred to as “the courting tractor”, due to its unique double seat configuration! This allowed a passenger to comfortably sit alongside the tractor driver but sadly ours is missing its seat.

The Cropmaster was powered by a Perkins diesel engine that was known for its reliability and durability. It could be used with a wide variety of implements, making it a valuable asset for any farm. This tractor was easy to operate, even for inexperienced operators and was an affordable tractor, which made it accessible to a wide range of farmers.

It was perfect for soil preparation, seeding and planting, cultivating, weed control, mowing and harvesting.

Here’s a fun fact: In 1947, Sir David Brown, the founder of David Brown Tractors, acquired Aston Martin. This acquisition led to the iconic DB models of Aston Martin cars, including the legendary “Aston Martin DB5” driven by James Bond himself!