Squeeze Box

In the heart of Dartmoor, a unique musical tradition thrives, through the wonderful tones of squeeze boxes. Crafted from wood, and equipped with bellows, these traditional instruments hold a rich history that dates back to the 17th century.

The pioneers of Dartmoor brought the first squeeze boxes to the moor, simple in design and fashioned from humble materials. With time, these instruments evolved, gaining sophistication and adorned with luxurious materials like mahogany and ebony.

Today, Dartmoor echoes with the harmonious notes of various squeeze boxes. Among them, the concertina, stands as the most common, boasting two rows of buttons, as beautifully demonstrated in our exhibit.

Squeeze boxes have become an integral part of Dartmoor’s cultural landscape, gracing festivals and events with their engaging tunes. These instruments serve as invaluable tools for passing down the legacy of traditional music to the younger generation, ensuring that the spirit of Dartmoor continues to resonate through time.