Squeeze boxes are a type of traditional musical instrument that is found on Dartmoor. They are made of wood and have a bellows that is used to create the sound. Squeeze boxes are often used to play traditional folk music, such as jigs and reels.

The history of squeeze boxes on Dartmoor is long and varied. The first squeeze boxes were brought to the moor by settlers from mainland Europe in the 17th century. These early instruments were simple and made of simple materials. Over time, squeeze boxes became more sophisticated and were made of more expensive materials, such as mahogany and ebony.

Today, there are many different types of squeeze boxes on Dartmoor. The most common type is the concertina, which has two rows of buttons (As can be seen with our exhibit). Other types of squeeze boxes include the melodeon, which has one row of buttons, and the harmonica, which has no buttons and is played by blowing and sucking.

Squeeze boxes are a popular instrument on Dartmoor. They are often played at festivals and events. Squeeze boxes are also used to teach children about traditional music.