The Stark Reality of Rural Living

Welcome to “The Stark Reality of Rural Living,” an engaging digital presentation brought to you by MED Theatre, the Dartmoor community arts company, and its dedicated volunteers. Originally conceived as a museum display, this exhibition, funded by Historic England, delves into the dual nature of Dartmoor—traditionally romanticised in literature as a wilderness yet profoundly shaped by human presence.

Born out of in-depth research and oral histories, this presentation features the informative display boards that were exhibited on the walls of our museum throughout the 2023 opening period.  We’ve brought this presentation to the virtual world, ensuring you can still explore the rich tapestry of Dartmoor’s history from the comfort of your own space.

Unveiling the stark realities of rural living on Dartmoor, the collection of human stories presented here highlights both the positives and hardships of life in this unique landscape. Navigate through the online boards, and discover the authentic voices of Dartmoor residents without the need for QR code scanning—recordings and external links have been provided for your convenience.

We hope you find inspiration and insight as you immerse yourself in “The Stark Reality of Rural Living.”

Listen to Yuli 

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history about Henry

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Listen to Melanie

Listen to an extract from ‘Granite’

by John Trevena

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Visit the Kelly Mine site for lot’s more information and listen to Charlie, Cliiff & Francis who worked at the mine 

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